For over 30 years, Australian Crop Forecasters has been the leading independent crop information service in the country. Clients include traders, end users, storage companies, banks, insurance agencies, logistics organisations and international buyers of Australian grain. The reports below are available individually or in a custom package

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Australia's leader for independent grain analysis for over 30 years


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Australian Crop Report Package        

  • Crop Forecast - Our flagship product, provides a crop forecast of area, yield and tonnage for both winter and summer crops across five states and over 30 relevant ABS statistical divisions. 
  • Harvest Wire - A weekly report sent during the harvest period, analysing weather, harvest pace, quality and any key factors that are impacting the Australian winter crop harvest.
  • Crop Tours - We give you a firsthand look at growing conditions including weather, harvest pace and quality.
  • Crop Conditions Index Rankings - Analyses the condition of winter crops, across the grain belt and ranks them against the ACF index. Released monthly during the growing season from July to November.
  • Annual Grower Survey Results - Australia's biggest planting survey, taking in around 2,500 growers each year and giving an accurate indication of planting intentions and area for the season. The report is released in early August and comprehensively analyses the changes in crop composition nationally.

Australian Wheat Profile Report    

  • Australia's only independent report estimating the Australian wheat crop by grade, state and port zone. The report also includes reference to historical wheat profile and grade spreads.


Australian Supply and Demand Package

  • S&D Report - Detailing domestic usage, exports and supplies, this report focuses on balance sheets for wheat, barley, sorghum and canola, with a specialised summary on the key factors weighing on Australian stocks.
  • S&D Export Report - This report provides national export figures presented by commodity, destination, state of loading, port of loading, and export method (bulk or container).  It is provided as an informative PDF report with key pieces of analysis as well as a standard CSV format for integration into your models or for custom analysis.


Australian Export Stem and Market share report

  • Export Stem & Market Share Report - All major Australian bulk export ports brought into one convenient report, highlighting weekly changes to export bookings, historical shipments, forward stem, trader market share and vessel destinations. 


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Rainfall Monitor

  • The Rainfall Monitor picks up data from all relevant weather stations covering the grain production regions. The report looks at current rainfall compared to the mean, seasonal weather trends emerging & the impact on the coming season.


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